It’s a plugin for Google Chrome browser that lets you save pages in bookmarks without opening them

Readers love to read. They want to read more, but often there is just not enough time in the day. This is where the amazing plugin for Google Chrome comes into play. It is a bookmarking plugin that allows readers to create an account and save all the articles they want on their computer or laptop while they continue reading other articles on the website of their choice. The bookmarking plugin eliminates the need for using paperbacks, notebooks or any other kind of bookmarks because it allows readers to take advantage of technology and save all of those great articles on their device! Some people prefer saving articles as a backup in case something happens with the original website and they can’t find it again.

This way, readers won’t lose valuable content because of an error. The goal is to make reading easier and more accessible – which means reading should be more enjoyable as well!

This plugin for Google Chrome allows you to save articles, web pages, and any other content that is available on the internet for offline reading.

It saves your content in the form of a bookmark which appears on your bookmarks bar. Once you add it to a folder, you will see these articles in that folder. The plugin reads your article only after it detects that you left the page.

This is not just a bookmarking tool – it also helps to organize saved content in a better way and make them easier to find.

Bookmark your favorite pages and read them later with the help of our plugin. It will save the page in your bookmark so that you can easily read it later when you want to.

If you are an avid reader and visit a lot of pages, it can be extremely time-consuming to keep up with all those tabs. With our bookmark plugin, all you need to do is press Ctrl+D (Cmd+D on Mac) when you finish reading a page and your tab will be automatically saved as a bookmark in a separate folder on your bookmarks bar.

This plugin for Google Chrome will save pages you read in bookmarks.

It’s a new way of saving “read” pages in your browser. This plugin saves the page you are reading and allows you to specify a bookmark name for the page, with maximum 64 characters length.

Save your favorite pages as bookmarks.

Create a new bookmark from the menu and select the “Add to Bookmark” option. Name it anything you want and the next time you open Chrome, the page will be at the top of your bookmark list.

We have created a plugin for Chrome browser, which will create a bookmark for the page you’re on and make it available in your bookmarks list.

The plugin is compatible with Chrome browser and will save webpages for you. All you need to do is click the extension icon in your browser toolbar, then save the page in your bookmarks list.

With the help of this plugin for Google Chrome, you will be able to read a lot and save pages in bookmarks.

The plugin for Google Chrome saves all the sites that you visit in the form of bookmarks and helps to organize them. It is an easy way to get back to your favorite pages without searching through your browser history.

This plugin will help you save your reading articles in bookmarks and offline.

Readers often find themselves in a bind when they want to read an article but don’t have the time to do so. This is where our plugin for Chrome comes in. You can use it to save articles or other content on the Internet and read them later, offline or on your mobile device. Save time, effort, and data!

Save web pages to read later with PageLever Chrome plugin.

If you are a reader, this is the plugin for you. When it comes to reading, we all have that one site or blog that has an article that we need to come back and read. And then there are the articles from websites like Medium or The Verge that are so good that we want to save them for later so we can share them with our friends. That’s where PageLever Plugin comes in – it allows you to bookmark any article you’re reading and then save it for later viewing on your browser, phone or tablet.

PageLever Chrome plugin is free and easy-to-install – just download the extension form the Chrome Store and enjoy saving pages in bookmarks!