We are happy to announce the release of our Firefox plugin. It is a simple extension that allows you to save pages in bookmarks instead of scrolling through them and trying to find the page you want to read later.

Download our plugin, install it to your Mozilla Firefox, and save the page to your bookmarks.

The Save Pages in Bookmarks plugin is a tool that you can use to save content quickly and easily. It can be a time saving solution for people who want to save content for later use or find it difficult to copy and paste the link address of the page.

The plugin saves pages you visit as bookmarks. You can then export all of your bookmarks as a .html file, import them into other browsers if you switch from Firefox, or just export them as a .csv file with the links of your browsing history.

With our plugin for the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can save a web page directly to your bookmark bar.

This is a pretty handy feature that saves time by not having to navigate through different tabs, find the right folder, and type in a name for the bookmark. The plugin installs into your browser and adds an icon at the bottom of your screen. Right-click on this icon and then select “Add page to bookmarks.”

Add-ons are browser extensions that add new features or change the way we interact with webpages.

We’re happy to introduce our new extension for Firefox that can help you maintain a well-organized bookmarks and save pages in them.

This plugin is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that lets you save pages in bookmarks with a single click.

The browser extension is free and very easy-to-use. It also does not have any features that can make the user experience uncomfortable. The main focus of this developer has been to create an efficient tool for saving web pages in bookmarks.

Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browser and it’s a great fit for our plugin. Firefox offers more customization than any other browser.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers around, with over 500 million active users as of May 2018. It offers features not found in any other web browser, such as an extensive extension library, support for cutting-edge HTML5 technologies and a fully customizable interface.

The Firefox plugin for Save Pages allows you to save articles, blogs, or other web pages to your browser’s bookmarks. This saves time and helps you find content easier in the future.

Save Pages is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox that lets you save articles, blogs, or other web pages to your browser’s bookmarks. It saves time and helps you find content easier in the future.

Save to Bookmark plugin is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox and it can be used to save the currently opened webpage in a bookmark.

Saving pages in bookmarks is often done so that one can return back to the content at a later time. This way, the user can visit their favorite pages again without having to type in all of the web address or search engine.