The plug-in is a browser add-on that generates folders with bookmarks as well as groups of websites by topics. Users can create their own content, categorize them and even share it with their networks.

It’s a simple way to organize your bookmarks and make your browsing history more useful.

In today’s digital world, we’re always looking for faster and easier ways to manage our digital information. A browser plugin called “Simple Bookmarker” has been designed to do just that. It automatically creates bookmarks in your browser, so you can access all of your favorite websites with just one click.

This plugin is compatible with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

The plugin allows you to organize bookmarks by topic and group websites. It is easy to create new folders for the topics, add bookmarks to the folders, and drag and drop items between them.

A browser plug-in is a small application that is downloaded and installed in a user’s web browser. These are often used as extensions to the browser to help make browsing easier or do simple tasks such as bookmarking pages.

The browser plug-in is a simple and easy way to organize your bookmarks or group websites by topic. Just install the plug-in and then add it to your browser.

This browser plug-in helps users to find bookmarks and organize them by topics. Users can store, organize and access their links in one place. The plug-in also allows users to categorize links into folders, so that they can easily find what they are looking for.

Users can download this extension for Chrome or Firefox.

The do-it-yourself digital marketer solution is here. All you need is a browser plug-in to be able to create bookmarks of any website and group them by topic.

This plug-in will make the task of researching easier, as we can now search for all data on a topic with just one click.

Bookmarks are a great way to save your favorite websites and group them by topic. There are several browser plug-ins that can help you do this.

I recommend the OneTab plugin for Chrome and Firefox because it allows you to quickly bookmark all of your tabs in one click, organize them into groups, and then store them for later use. This way, you no longer have to spend time manually organizing tabs or bookmarks each time you want to go back to a web page in a specific group. Just click on the appropriate tab from the “My Tabs” page, which automatically loads all of the pages in that group. You can also add new tabs by dragging other website links into that tab page or by using the bookmarklet button next to it.

This browser plugin helps you create bookmarks and group websites by topic. It also allows you to organize a website’s navigation links.