Nature’s Bounty: What You Need To Know About Harvesting Rain Water I रेन वाटर हार्वेस्टिंग

Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Water Harvesting

The process of collecting this water for use for productive work after the rain is called Rain Water Harvesting. In other words, the work of collecting rainwater falling on your roof in a normal way and making it pure is called Rain Water Harvesting.

It’s Rain Water Harvesting low-cost model. Can make at our own house, Bungalow, flat system building, any building having a terrace.

Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Water Harvesting
The simple method explained through photos. Please see carefully. The benefit is vast. It helps to increase the water table. Your well or bore well may live even in summer.


Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Water Harvesting



Please share to your Home, Relatives, and Friends as it’s a National cause. Encourage each and one to do. Cost is not more than 1.5 K including drum, PVC pipe, cement, sand and labor cost. Benefit in laces.
Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Water Harvesting


  1. Use only as much water as you need it.
  2. After the use of water tighten the tap tightly.
  3. While brushing, keep the tap running while washing the dishes and laundry. Open the tap just as you need it.
  4. In case of leak of taps, call the Mistry immediately and fix it.
  5. Use a washing machine that will save water.
  6. In case of water escape in a bucket or bottle, put it in the plants instead of throwing it.
  7. After washing the fruits or vegetables, add that water to the plants and plants.


The solution to the problem of global water congestion is possible through this method. Only then will our present and future be safe. One advantage of this method is that only the family/society will use the water which will go inside the ground. Rain Water Harvesting is accumulated rainwater and later it is also used. There are many direct and indirect benefits of this technique, which are detailed below. 
  1. Reduced dependence on groundwater/government water supply
  2. Even agricultural work is not possible where water is not available
  3. Self-reliance in the water sector
  4. High quality and acquisition of chemically pure water
  5. The minimum cost of water supply.
  6. At least the soil erosion by controlling the velocity of the flood.
  7. All adequate water availability
  8. The falling groundwater level can be lifted up.
  9. It works as the main source of water.
  10. This water is free from all kinds of lethal salts etc.
  11. In densely populated areas, the water or rainwater flows through roofs and produces filth in the drains, while collecting it can be freed from this problem.
  12. There is no evaporation of water stored in the ground so there is less chance of the end of the water.
  13. The intensity of salts in the water stored in the soil remains low.
  14. There is no reliance on other sources.


The International Water Institute has declared the rainwater received from the roof as superior to the water received from other sources. According to the report of Chemical Lab, this water is free from all kinds of lethal salts. There are also no harmful bacteria and its PH The value is also ideal 6.95. From P. H. Mann, it shows how natural the water is and how natural it is. PH value of 6.5 to 8.5 is considered to be of normal use.  
  1. According to UN estimates, the total amount of water on Earth is about 1400 million cubic meters. In such water, the earth can cover up to three thousand depths.
  2. 2.7 percent of the total water available on earth is clean water, 75.2 percent of which is deposited in pole states. And 22.6 percent is present as groundwater.
  3. Even today, 2.17 lakh rural households are unable to access pure water.
  4. 1560 miles long river the Ganges is the fate of 40 million people in the country.
  5. According to the Central Pollution Control Board, only 31 percent of municipal sewage treatment is done in the country. The remaining crude sewage is poured into rivers, ponds.

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