“Life Is Like Photography. You Use The Negative To Develop.”

 Life Is Like Photography. You Use The Negative To Develop.”

Meaning one In life, you wish hardship to develop your character and strength.
Meaning a pair of In photography, you wish the negatives (photographs before they’re developed) to bring the fabric into a full photograph.

Positive or negative thinking is the communication that you have developed yourself. Often, if this dialogue resolves your next problem, it often creates new problems for you. We are giving direction to this dialogue, we are unaware of ourselves. Our thoughts, which help you to cope with misery, help you to cope with failure, do things that you like, and keep you from achieving the right to succeed.

Eg Your mind tells you the next day when it is a difficult paper, ‘tomorrow paper is a bit difficult, but I have studied a lot. There is still time in my hand. What is the problem with trying? ‘, These positive thoughts force you to try. On the contrary, negative thoughts will lead you a series of innumerable complaints.

Eg On the next day, your mind tells you when it is a difficult paper, ‘Father! How will it happen? I have studied but if I did not do it then? This topic was not wanted. Choosing my favorite subject. Now the paper goes down today if I lose sight of it? What will people say? What will Baba say? Give unnecessary paper. ‘ When interacting with yourself, you are more afraid with every thought. It makes the subject more difficult and takes time out of hand.

Life Is Like Photography. You Use The Negative To Develop
“Life Is Like Photography. You Use The Negative To Develop.”

There is no reason to think negative thoughts. The bus was crowded, the boss shouted loudly, I was unaware of it, did not like the vegetable, I would not go to the exam, the paper went tough, got fewer marks, any other thing that has a fight with a nearby person is enough to get negative thoughts on the head.
When the dialogue with himself is negative, he causes some of his most unreliable beliefs. You have some unrealistic ideas of happiness, such as 90% marks, success in 10th or 12th class, admission to the desired college, love of a person, workmanship, etc. And if it is done, then I would have been convinced that I could be happy. This understanding of our mind is bound by our happiness. The situation is not in our hands, this thing is more interesting. Another thing that hurts us is, ‘What is it about me?’ This question takes us away from many other questions and answers from us.

When negative thoughts come to mind, we are always troubling ourselves. The reason for our thoughts is finding out in the circumstances of others, in the circumstances. If this situation changes, I will tell myself that I am positive/happy. In short, because the feet of the feet run away, the earth does not get scratched by putting sandalwood on our feet and it does not get scratched. In fact, the answer to getting out of it is close to itself. That is, to make your own conversation positive.
A person with negative communication to himself should be present at the time. The first thing to do is to accept the self-powered dialogue as being the case. It is important to think about the qualities that are in us and the tools that are near you. In the current situation, we should consider what we can do. And get them to work. If there is no need to change the situation to be happy, the situation needs to be changed.

How to break the cycle of negative thoughts?

The title of the article has been deliberately given in the question. Your whole life is dependent on mental and internal conditions. Our mind constantly continues to cycle through negative thoughts. If you say that you want to go out of the box for progress for your development, then negative thoughts come like a storm, like a tsunami, strong walls of the fort and stand up.

Think about what an Olympic gold medalist thinks about a person who is thinking about taking hundreds of crores of rupees with publicity, which many people can not afford to earn.

Think of what one can think of a billionaire owner of a company who thinks only and only company, workers.
Ask the sick patient who can think of what has come back from the door of death.
Psychology and success are going on well, where you leave the hand of psychology, you can bring negative thoughts into your life with power. Nobody can completely avoid negativity. There is a need to live a life of balance between positive and negative.
But to give financial gain to some spiritual gurus and self-development experts, the general public advises that they lead a complete positive life, which is not possible. Then people are going to depression and constantly need them. Anyway.

If we do not get involved in negative situations, then we create a cycle of that negative situation and we get ourselves involved in it. Because of the difference between self-esteem and pride, a person usually does not agree in ego, and that negative cycle begins with the energy of pride and walks fast.

This cycle is in reality and not in real reality. But the effects of this cycle are taking place in our real life, and you are constantly getting constrained in negative situations.
It is not difficult to break this cycle. If you face problems and find answers to those problems temporarily or permanently, or you are facing a crisis, disaster and negative situations, then you can break this cycle comfortably or permanently destroy this cycle.

These negative chakras are of different parts of your life. Private, business

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  1. It's nice to be optimistic and have positive thinking. I would never want to be around people that nag all day. In the worst case, people could be removed from classrooms because they were being too negative. Life can be a struggle. I guess you could just try to keep your thoughts on something nice and keep going. Keep out of places that probably have trouble.

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