The Next Big Thing in Broad Match Modifier

Broad Match Modifier

Broad Match Modifier match type is a bridge that fills the gap between Broad match type and Phrase match type, where the former is less controlled and the latter is more. 

Broad Match Modifier
The Next Big Thing in Broad Match Modifier

Expectations: Let’s say I want to come up for the phrase “The Best Carpentry & Painting Company Near Me” OR any variation of the words in that phrase, Example [the top Carpentry and Painting company” etc.

If I use + carpentry + painting as a keyword, can I still come up when someone searches for XXXX CARPENTRY and PAINTING XXXX XXX XX [X are random words used]?


Should I use “Carpentry and Painting”?
I have this idea in my mind that when you use + you will ONLY come up for the words included in the + (BBM) but NOT when the searched for phrases that have other words in it. Like in my example above.
But when you use Phrase Match “keyword or phrase” you will come up for THAT exact phrase PLUS any other words around it. Like my example above.

Reality: about Broad Match Modifier keywords. BMM has nothing to do with words that aren’t there; it just cares about the words with the + in front of them. There can be a hundred words in a query and as long as one of them is, say, ” Painting,” your ad will be eligible.

Phrase match operates similarly; there could be infinite words on either side of the string ” carpentry and painting,” but as long as that phrase is present and uninterrupted, it will trigger the keyword.

Now, if you want an ad to serve for the search query “The Best Carpentry & Painting Company Near Me,” you’ve got a couple of options.
You can use + carpentry + painting, ” carpentry and painting,” or [The Best Carpentry & Painting Company Near Me]

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